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We decided to use a theme in March that was a bit more vague and broad than usual, to allow a bit more latitude to photographers. Although some people found this quite daunting, others really grabbed it took some interesting pictures. Here is a small selection:


906 cropped










photo 1

Sustenance 2

Photography Made Simple

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We’re used to upping the ISO to speed up the shutter speed, but few people consider what it’s going to do the aperture. Increasing the ISO makes the camera more sensitive, so allows a faster shutter or a smaller aperture, which changes the depth of field.

Like this:


1/8000th, f2.8, 400ISO


1/8000th, f5.6, 1600ISO


1/8000th, f13, 6400ISO

You can see that the droplets stay the same, but the background comes into focus as the ISO increases.

Photography Made Simple

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If you are in the Midlands on a photography trip and fancy a taste of the Brummie nightlife, you are in for a real treat. Like most other cities in the UK, Birmingham has plenty of casinos to tempt those who have had their appetites whetted by playing roulette, slot machines or blackjack at one [...]

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We have a good selection of pictures for this month’s theme. Lots of chocolate, cheesecake and cash and not in that particular order. This did give people the opportunity to be a little more creative than usual and put some politics into their pictures. Here’s a collage of everything, and then the individual pictures.  There [...]

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Tweet We like pictures taken from a low angle – it’s not compulsory but often gives some more drama to an otherwise uninteresting picture. Given that were all feeling miserable poor and cold after Christmas, we thought low was a suitable theme.  Please bear in mind that these photographs are taken by non-professionals and often [...]

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Tweet After last month’s slightly tricky subject (Human Vision), this month we went for something fairly clear.  Lots of stuff left over around Christmas, we thought, and we were right. We have written a brief article about what’s so good about the mentoring service – you may want to check it out!  We’ve also made [...]

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